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PlugIns para Adobe After Effects y Premiere Pro Cs5, Cs5.x, Cs6 y CC

Boris Continuum Complete 8 AE delivers the most comprehensive VFX plug-in suite ever created for Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5.5, CS5, and CS4. A whopping 200+ filters include 3D Objects such as Extruded Text, 3D particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and lights, keys and mattes, 3 Way Color Grading and other color correction tools, time-based effects such as Optical Stabilizer, warp and perspective effects, and blurs, glows, and cinematic effects. All filters take advantage of either multi-processing or OpenGL hardware acceleration for an interactive effects design experience.

Over 1,000 professionally-designed presets are included free with every installation of BCC. You can save and freely share your own presets and build customized preset collections tuned to the specific needs of a project. Both static and animated BCC presets are supported on the After Effects platform. Presets can be shared with matching BCC installations on any host application in which BCC is installed.
New Boris Continuum Complete 8 AE Features
• Better Particles: BCC 8 AE includes several new filters based on a new, modernized BCC particle engine: Particle Emitter, Organic Strands, and Wild Cards. Targeted toward broadcast design and graphics creation, these filters significantly improve upon previously available particle filters. The new BCC particle engine offers:
- Full 3D camera and lights
- Integration with AE's camera and lights
- Particle Emitter motion that follows an AE mask
- OpenGL rendering and lighting of real 3D objects
- Interaction with an AE 3D layer and particle generation from a 3D layer
- Complex color gradient controls and graph maps for size and opacity
- The ability to Spawn particles
- Image collection files
- The ability to mix and match various custom particle textures
- Various special effects, such as mirror mode and dispersion
- Wind, Sphere Warps, and Sink Points
- Fractal Noise field
• Better Lens Flares: BCC Lens Flare 3D is BCC's next-generation lens flare tool featuring enhanced looks and integration with After Effects. Thanks to GPU optimization, the filter is blazingly fast while providing highly sought-after functionality.Improvements include:
- Support for AE-native camera and lighting rigs
- Built-in 3D camera and lighting rigs for Adobe Premiere Pro
- Ability to automatically apply lens flares to user-defined AE native lights in the composition
- Ability to auto-generate lens flares based on luma values
- Ability to auto-generate lens flares that follow the contour of AE native masks
- Automated flicker feature for lens flare light source, using AE native or built-in lights
- Automated randomize feature to flicker light intensity values across multiple AE lights
- Automated shimmer feature for shimmering light rays
- Edge-trigger feature for boosting light intensity as it approaches and crosses the edge
- Sub-beam feature that generates Star Trek-style photon sci-fi flares
- Colored ring option
- Chroma hoop option
- Chroma fan option
- Lens caustics option
- Customizable lens surface textures with built-in looks
- Chromatic aberration option
• Better Glows: The new BCC Film Glow effect includes a unique Crosstalk feature that blends the color of the glow with the image in a variety of ways, giving you the ability to generate looks that are not possible with other glow filters - a real game-changer for designers searching for new looks!
• Better Lights: BCC's arsenal of lighting options has grown to include a new Stage Light filter that tightly integrates with AE's camera and lights and nicely complements AE's built-in lighting, providing a much-needed volumetric feel.
• Unprecedented AE Integration: BCC 8 AE sets a new standard for AE integration, offering fast workflow and reducing your learning curve to virtually zero. BCC filters take full advantage of the excellent native 3D camera and light system that AE users depend on in their daily work. For path animations and image isolation tasks, BCC 8 filters import vector masks directly from AE layers. And for automated parameter animation, many BCC filters are now able to take advantage of audio data directly from AE audio tracks.
• Better Image Restoration: Undesirable light flicker sometimes plagues irreplaceable camera shots. What can you do about it? BCC 8 AE comes to the rescue with a new Flicker Fixer tool that automatically solves the most challenging flickering light problems. Now footage so critical to your project becomes usable again!
• New Videoscope Tool for AE: Full-featured and easy to use, the new BCC Videoscope filter means you no longer need to switch to a custom UI and deal with work-arounds to check color levels; the scopes are built right in to your Composite window! With vector scope and waveform monitors at your fingertips, you can be sure that you will never exceed legal color limits - while maintaining the overall integrity of your effects. A must-have for AE users!
• 8 New Filters: BCC 8 AE's eight new filters include enhanced lens flares, particles, glows, and lights as well as new flicker reduction and videoscope tools. New Boris Continuum Complete 8 AE Filters:
- Videoscope
- Film Glow
- Flicker Fixer
- Lens Flare 3D
- Stage Light
- Particle Emitter 3D
- Organic Strands
- Wild Cards
• 32-bit Float Support: 32-bit Float Support is included as part of BCC’s GPU implementation and it is equally supported with ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards – with no loss of performance.
What's new in v8.3.0:
- Added support for two additional built in light sources in the five 3D Objects filters when running in Premiere or AE.
- Fixed recently introduced problem with sporadic incorrect renders in BCC Spotlight, Spotlight RT, and Rays Radiant Spotlight.
- Fixed sporadic instability with OGL filters running in Premiere.
- Fixed Spawn particles in Particle Emitter 3D so they correctly keep up with parent particles after one life cycle when used in Premiere or with animated spawn Birth Rate in AE.
- Fixed unexpected clipping of super-white colors in float projects with some particle filters.
- Modified Lens Flare 3D and Stage Light so that they still render a default result with the built in camera in the case where Use Comp Camera has been selected but no AE camera exists in the Comp.
- Fixed several rendering problems with Stage Light including situations where the angle of the light edge sometimes did not match the angle of the target layer.
- Fixed pixel aspect ratio errors when using Stage Light in non-square comps.
- Fixed partial transparency in BCC LED elements when using the Tint option.
- Fixed incorrect effect timing when using trimmed AE clips with 2D Particles, 3D ImageShatter, or 3D Extruded Image Shatter.
- Fixed contextual control issues (incorrect parameter enabling/disabling) with Disc param group in Lens Flare 3D.
- Fixed problem in all Light Rays filters where the ray brightness in 8bit was dimmer then in 16bit/float when Color source was set to Image. Previously saved 8bit projects may render more brightly in the newer software and require reducing the intensity param to more closely match the previous look.
- Fixed problem in Median where the image would turn transparent when the mix with original parameter was set to 100.
- Fixed incorrect smoothing amount in the various texture generator filters and also in Bump Map when using the Bump Smoothness parameter in 8 bit or float projects.
- Fixed sporadic Premiere instability in situations where a BCC filter would display a rendered text message.
- Fixed problem with saving/loading the Motion Tracker data when applied to trimmed clips where the reported saved frame would be off by one.
- Fixed incorrect clipping of float pixels to the 0-1 range in Film Damage and Film Grain.
- Fixed problem where Stage Light did not respect the AE light track length.
- Fixed artifacts in regions of 0 alpha when Smooth Tone is applied to alpha clips.
- Fixed problem in Light Rays effects where the Distance To Light PixelChooser region choice did not work.
- Fixed sudden jump in animation with Lens Transition in 16bit and float projects.
- Fixed Scramble parameter in Posterize which was causing unexpectedly flickering colors.
- Fixed the Draw Trigger area rendering when using the Lens Flare 3D Flare Trigger.
- Fixed problem with jerky motion in Pan and Zoom when panning while the scale A and Scale B params were nearly but not exactly identical.
- Fixed problem in Lens Flare 3D where using the Scale by Distance option caused the lens flare to increase size when project resolution was reduced.
- Fixed problem in Stage Light where setting the light model parameter to off failed to disable the light.
- Fixed problem where the Lens Flare 3D Orb custom layer shape failed to give the expected result.
- Fixed problem in LED where the results shift scale unexpectedly when dropping resolution.
- Fixed artifacts in the Rays filters in 16bit renders when Color source is set to Image and an apply mode was selected.
- Fixed inverted colors in the Rays filters in 32bit float projects when mix with original is not 0.
- Fixed problem where the Stage Light luminosity would appear to increase over the first portion of the effect irrespective of the random seed.
- Fixed problem with the Motion Tracker in Premiere where the Track-On-The-Fly timeline overview displayed along the bottom edge of the frame didn't accurately scale to the full width of the frame if the clip has been trimmed from the end in Premiere.
- Fixed problem with the Motion Tracker in Premiere where the Track-On-The-Fly timeline overview displayed along the bottom edge of the frame was half the correct size in fielded projects.
- Fixed problem with the Motion Tracker in Premiere where the motion path display data becomes offset if you trim a clip after tracking it.
- BCC8 presets were moved to a new directory on both mac and win. The preset folders are now organized into subcategories which match the categories in the UI. Also all of the old style binary presets (with .bcp extensions) were replaced with newer xml based version (.bsp extensions). If you have saved favorite BCC presets you will need to merge them into the new preset directories for them to show up automatically in the UI. On windows the old directories are in:
C:Program Files (x86)Boris FX, IncBCC Presets 8 
whereas the new directory is: 
C:Program FilesBoris FX, IncBCC Presets 8
BCC AE 8 supports the following host applications:
Windows x64:
- Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.x, CS6 and CC

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